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Move with Cassy  is the convenient and approachable daily online workout that helps you live better longer with gentle and effective whole-body routines, including easy seated modifications. Our corrective movement exercise programs are ready when you are, with new options every week and a community of friends to connect with and support you along the way.


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Follow along with Cassy to regain strength and reduce pain. With ForeverFit and GentleFit workouts as part of your daily routine, you'll keep joints loose and improve balance while naturally supporting health and wellness.


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Small Steps, Big Changes

Is pain and stiffness causing you to miss out on your favorite activities? Are you "slowing down" due to a loss of strength and balance?

Re-write your story and keep doing the things you love with daily whole-body workouts.

Wellness, Naturally

Action creates change and the Move with Cassy programming empowers you to take action towards better health and wellness through movement. 

By including the integrated classes in your daily routine, you can choose to live well, naturally.

For Everyone

Zero impact, corrective movements are gentle and effective for everyone, and optional modifications make these programs approachable and inclusive. With new workouts every week, you'll find energy, healing and strength.  Let's do this together!

Pre- and Post-Surgery

"On June 23rd, 2014 I had total knee replacement on both knees. As a 64 year old member of Lexington Fitness ​I witnessed first hand the level of commitment that Cassy has to her members.

Knowing that my surgeries were coming up Cassy set up an exercise program for me to strengthen all of the muscles around my knees to help me with my recovery. After my knee surgeries I started preparing for a total hip replacement which I had on November 18th, 2014. Now, with three total joint replacements the recovery work began. Once again, Cassy set me up on an exercise program to slowly strengthen the muscles around the new joints.

Not only did she set up these exercises for me but she started ​Forever​Fit​, a free class to Lexington Fitness members; gentle, full body movements focusing on mobility, range of motion and strength. With these classes and the exercises Cassy gave me, along with her encouragement and coaching I am making great gains on my recovery.

Forever​Fit has helped my entire body become more mobile."

- Jim C.

Live better, longer.

Better health through movement starts here. Join the Move with Cassy community to access approachable and effective whole-body workouts - stretch, strengthen and stay connected, every day. No contracts, cancel anytime!

What others are saying...

"Cassy's ForeverFit & GentleFit classes are excellent. I'm an older runner and have not paid a lot of attention to stretching in the past. I was starting to have some discomfort in my sacroiliac joint while running. I feel Cassy's stretch classes have really helped relieve the discomfort and allowed me to continue running"

"Cassy is an awesome trainer, we worked together to create exercises specific to my injury. Whether you’re rehabbing from an injury or just wanting to get in better shape, I highly recommend personal training with Cassy and the ForeverFit classes! You will see results!! I will be resuming my sessions in January. Thanks, Cassy!"

"Four years ago I had a bad fall.  Over the course a year, I saw an orthopedic surgeon, a chiropractor, a physical therapist and even a sports medicine physician with no relief.  Finally, I decided to take matters into my own hands. I began classes and within three months the healing and relief was amazing. I have increased flexibility and no pain. "

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