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Meet Cassy Vieth

"Life is movement.  The more life there is, the more flexibility there is.  The more fluid you are, the more you are alive." -Arnaud Desjardins

 At 53 years of age, Cassy is a passionate proponent of a life well lived.  She is an educator. Researching, digesting and informing her clients of the how and why of exercise and corrective movement.  Through her ForeverFit, GentleFit and QuickFit programs, she continues to witness the power of gentle, easy, daily movement on overall quality of life.  The ability to live better longer as our bodies age lies within our control, and with Cassy as your coach, you'll see and feel how self-care through movement can be nature's best medicine.  

In 2020 PBS Wisconsin launched the new digital series Quick Fit With Cassy with eight to ten minute routines for all ages and fitness levels.  Accessible and free to all who want to stay on top of self-care and reduce pain and tension from occupational stresses.  Cassy is thrilled to be partnering with PBS Wisconsin to get the word out to the entire state, that it is possible to age well and live better, longer.

Along with husband Cameron, Cassy owns and operates Lexington Fitness in the heart of Spring Green, WI.  They opened the gym in 2011 with the mission of helping local residents in their small, bucolic town lead healthier, more active lives.  Cassy and Cameron have long been inspired to share fitness as an accessible fountain of youth and look forward to helping you live better longer through daily whole-body exercise routines.

Several years ago, Bill, a long-time member at Cassy and Cameron's gym, began to notice a regular lunch-time lull and suggested a class for retired seniors to beat the midday slump.  Cassy originally developed SeniorFit!, a series of stretching and strengthening movements similar to Miranda Esmonde White's "Classical Stretch."  It soon became apparent that nobody wanted to be labeled as 'senior,' so the name was modified to ForeverFit!  As the class grew, Cassy discovered the need to develop a gentler, seated version so that she could connect with participants at any level of fitness and mobility, and GentleFit! was born, using a chair as an easy tool.

Cassy is often shadowed by students studying to become physical therapists  or personal trainers. They are often younger in age, and when they take the chair class - without exception - they are stunned at how inflexible they have become and how much range of motion they have lost at such an early age.  This class is truly for everybody! Regardless of age, we all have muscles and joints and many of us sit for too many hours each day, causing joint distress and muscle imbalances that can become painful and worsen over time.

Keep Doing What You Love

"I had just returned from an 800-mile motorcycle trip which included sleeping on the ground in a tent for two nights, when I attended your classes last Tuesday.  I had done zero exercise for the past week while traveling and was pleasantly surprised that I was able to complete the classes without any pains or aches. I am 74 years old and contribute the ability to travel rough and return to exercise to having attended your classes for the previous 6 months.  I have seen great improvement in my balance and flexibility." -Tom K.

Live better, longer

You too can live better longer through corrective movement. Find energy, healing and strength to keep doing what you love. Join the Move with Cassy community and stay connected, every day. No contracts, cancel anytime!

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