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Better health through movement starts here.  Join the Move with Cassy community to access approachable and effective whole-body workouts - stretch, strengthen and stay connected, every day.

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Zero impact exercises focus on developing range of motion and balance through stretching and strengthening the whole body. Try a class to experience the approachable daily workouts that develop the foundations of life-long fitness and keep doing what you love.


Combining every element of fitness with corrective movement, these whole-body routines are performed standing, as well as on the floor, with plenty of balance  work.  Body-weight exercises and isometrics strengthen bones and muscles and eccentric movements open joints and reduce pressure.

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From a seated position, GentleFit workouts are ideal for any fitness level.  With goals and movements similar to ForeverFit, the chair serves as an excellent tool to make this program inclusive and accessible to all.  In fact, many movements are enhanced by the seated GentleFit routines.

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Better Athletic Performance

My time was 10 minutes faster than 8 years ago!

Eight years ago, at age 64, I signed up for my first half marathon. I prefer to run alone, but an annual group run seemed like a good way to stay focused on training throughout the year. I expected to improve each year, but progress has generally been slight or non-existent. On paper, I looked better once I entered the over 70 age bracket.

 This year, I decided to train differently. Instead of adding miles per week, I'd do more cross training. To help with that, I signed up with Cassy for some personal training. I've worked with her for an hour once or twice a week throughout the summer. Sometimes I also take one of the noon-time classes on the same day. There are about seven weeks left before my half. Last Sunday, I went for a practice half, just for the miles, not for speed. I was feeling discouraged, as I felt I was actually running slower than past years. Maybe I had made a mistake swapping miles for more cross training. But, I felt pretty good starting off and after 4 miles, I was at an easy pace that would give me a Personal Record if I could keep it up for another nine miles. I wasn't breathing hard, so it crossed my mind I might do it. Sure enough, keeping up an easy pace, I started mile 12 at the same speed and by 13.1, I was even a few seconds faster. When I got home, I looked up my annual race results. This practice run was not only a personal record, but it was ten minutes faster than the time I ran when I was 8 years younger. I'm going to chalk this win up in the column marked, "Cassy!!"  -John H.

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You too can live better longer through corrective movement. Find energy, healing and strength to keep doing what you love. Join the Move with Cassy community and stay connected, every day. No contracts, cancel anytime!

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