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Finding time and motivation to exercise can be hard. With our online videos and the Move with Cassy community, you can work out, stay connected and stay on track with your fitness goals on demand.

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7-Day Free Trial

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Reduce Pain and Live Well

"I've always been very active in martial arts and physically fit. I'm 68 and 3 years ago I was diagnosed with Spinal Arthritis which means the joints on either side of my vertebrae are closing up with calcium deposits pinching the nerve bundles, causing shooting pains down my buttocks and into my legs.  Everyday activities like walking or shopping was becoming harder and I'd have to stop and stretch to get through it. My doctor prescribed physical therapy and Ibuprofen to manage the pain. This helped about 85% but the last 15% was still very painful and I was told this was just something I would have to live with.

Last year, I joined Lexington Fitness and convinced my wife to join the ForeverFit classes by promising to attend with her.  Not thinking this was anything I would need because I was very active in martial arts and weightlifting, I was extremely surprised to find that after only 3-4 weeks my pain was completely gone!  I no longer have to take pain meds.

I contribute much of this success to the specific types of movements in the ForeverFit and GentleFit classes. The eccentric moves and stretching open up the joints. I'm pain free!" - Bill F.

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You too can live better longer through corrective movement. Find energy, healing and strength to keep doing what you love. Join the Move with Cassy community and stay connected, every day. No contracts, cancel anytime!

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